Unfortunately there are instances where order cancellations and refunds are necessary.

The steps below will show you how to cancel the order in Shopify so that it will flow back to eBay Australia and update the order in the Marketplace as cancelled/refunded.

Important Note:  currently for this to work you need to be opted in to this function which our Support Team can do for you.

Please contact our support team and have them turn this on so you can proceed to use this method successfully.

Order Process

  1. From your Shopify store locate the order and follow the Shopify steps to refund the order.
  2. Depending on which method you use in Shopify (Refund or More Actions) be mindful to cancel the shipping cost.
  3. Once you refund your order in Shopify this will trigger an order webhook to Omnivore and we will update the order to Refunded Online.
  4. This will trigger an order poll to eBay and the order will first of all show up as Cancelled then it will end up as status 'Refunded'.
  5. The refunded amount will go back to the buyers original payment method.

Additional Information

The refund process previously did rely on cancelling and refunding the order in eBay Australia and then manually doing the same in Shopify.  If you do still use the manual method please remember to mark the order as refunded online in Omnivore.

If you cancel/refund in Shopify as per the automation this will flow to the eBay Marketplace as a cancelled/refunded order.