In eBay LINK under Settings, eBay Australia, Product Template there is a page where you can edit the information that appears on the bottom of your eBay Listing.  It also has a URL for your logo so that your logo appears with your listings on eBay.

This section is populated when you start using eBay LINK and it can be edited at any time via the App.

In many instances retailers copy and paste info from their store into these fields which is most definitely time saving.    On this, there are several important points to note relating to the use of Words, Links, Contact Details.  We will go into detail below.  If you do paste information from your store be sure to proof read it with these points in mind.

What will happen to your listings if eBay detects one of these words, or pieces of banned information?

eBay will remove the listing from the Marketplace.  In eBay LINK the product will be visible in the Listings with Errors section of your Dashboard.  If you search for the de-listed product in eBay LINK and click into the product page you will most likely see this type of eBay Validation Error. 

The item can't be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

 As above, this error is also explained in the FAQ link provided.  

In some cases this error can be many things, checking your Product Template information in eBay LINK could be a good place to start.