There are many reasons why you may get this error and it can be a matter or trial and error to resolve. 

If you see this error on your eBay Link/Omnivore Dashboard you must click into the actual product/s in eBay Link to see the full error message being sent back from eBay.

Here are common reasons:

You have improper/prohibited eBay terms in your listing

If you are receiving this error, there was something in the product title or description that eBay didn't like or violated their policies. 

These problematic terms can be singular or a combination of terms, whether located in the listing title and/or description. Unfortunately we are not able to determine where these problematic terms may live in the listing, so sometimes its just trial and error with changing the title or description until the product lists.

The following are examples of text known to cause the error when used in the title field, item description, payment instructions or return policy:  

  • Ivory  
  • like new (use 'slightly used' instead)  
  • "from Burma"  
  • money order  
  • cheque, check  
  • cash  
  • afterpay  
  • soiled  
  • mint condition  
  • vintage  
  • copy  
  • reproduction  
  • insurance
  • Onesie (this is a trademarked word)
  • coronavirus


You're a new eBay Seller

Your Seller Account does not have enough positive feedback


Your selling limit may have been reached - You may have reached your selling limit for your eBay account, whether relating to the total number of items you can list or total $ amount of your listings. If this is the case, you may want to contact eBay support to increase your selling threshold.

Your Seller Account may require acceptance of new eBay terms - You may need to go into your eBay Seller Account and accept new selling terms and conditions.


Use of email address and/or '@' anywhere in your listing - eBay does not allow email addresses to be visible anywhere in your listing, even including the Return Policy section. Make sure you don't have your email address visible in your listing and/or any '@' symbols.


Incorrect 'Category' assignment - Make sure the product you're trying to list is assigned to the correct eBay category when you map products.