Quarantined orders are orders that at the time of importing, have not had payment confirmed. This FAQ reviews the reasons for quarantined orders.

Reasons for Quarantined Orders

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Payment has not been completed or confirmed via eBay (known as a Transaction Hold)
  2. eBay has placed a hold on the order. This can be down to several reasons including being below eBay's seller standards, or because your account is new on eBay.
  3. The business policy setting "Requires Immediate Payment" has been modified or not ticked.

How Quarantined Orders Work

To make sure that all orders can be accounted for, ALL orders will be imported into our system. 

Quarantined orders will be highlighted under the 'Orders' section on the Dashboard.

For orders where the payment is not confirmed, we will hold the order and place the order in a ‘quarantine’ status.

How to Release an Order From Quarantine

You can release an order from Quarantine by going to the Order page and clicking ‘Release from Quarantine’.

To do so:

  • From the dashboard go to "Orders --> All Orders".
  • Click on the order in question.
  • When it opens, click the "release from quarantine" button.

In some instances, if our systems detect a change in the order status from the Marketplace, we can automatically release the order, this will appear in the audit trail for the order.

eBay Orders on Hold Due to a Payment Issue

Occasionally eBay may place a temporary hold on an order due to a payment issue. eBay will normally alert you to this and will advise you whether you need to ship the item or not. Once you receive confirmation from them that it's ok to proceed then you will need to release the order from quarantine.

eBay Orders on Hold Due to Being a New Seller or Being Below the Required Seller Standards

If your orders are on hold due to being a new eBay seller, or because you are an existing seller that has fallen below the required seller standards you will need to manually release your orders from quarantine once you've confirmed that they are being held for this reason.

On eBay, go to the relevant order and you will see a message similar to this

Note that the wording may vary depending on exactly why the funds are being held.

Please refer to eBay's article on the matter

In most cases, you will need to ensure that the order is released from quarantine and the item/s shipped with tracking details to get your funds released. 

Changes to Immediate Payment Required Setting

For orders where the "Requires Immediate Payment" setting has been modified / un-ticked, the customer details will be displayed within the order page in our system as "(not available)".

In this case, you will need to match the eBay customer details / payment details and edit them within this page. 

Once completed you can then release it from quarantine.


Key Points

  • Quarantined orders can occur because payment is waiting to be confirmed or because the Requires Immediate Payment setting has been modified.  
  • Quarantined orders can be due to funds availability for new sellers, or due to being seller standards for existing sellers.
  • When you receive a notification from eBay that the order is now paid, release the order from quarantine by clicking the ‘Release from Quarantine’ button
  • Where "Not available" is displayed in the customer details screen, you will need to match up the details from eBay to process the order.
  • Orders in the quarantine queue may stay there indefinitely until you release them. In some cases the system will release it but please do not rely on this method.
  • Important: We are unable to check the payment status so it is the responsibility of the retailer to check that payment was successful before releasing the order.