Products that list on Coles have specific data that is part of the description section on the listing.

This data can be setup in Omnivore using a product action.

An example of how it looks on Coles is here:

Setup and Editing Guide

  1. In Omnivore navigate to Products - Product Actions - Edit the Detailed Description product action.
  2. All Coles retailers have a Product Description Template setup within Omnivore, this is added in Omnivore to ensure the data is passed the same way to Coles. This is standard one for Coles as viewed in Omnivore.
  3. We import meta fields from your eCommerce Store (most popular is Shopify) and you add the attribute into the Detailed Description Product Action in Omnivore.
  4. The meta field data uses the $, for example is $returns, data that is in that product metafield in Shopify will be imported in Omnivore and inserted through the attribute into the description.
  5. This will be setup by our onboarding team when you first start using Omnivore.
  6. You can also add free text in Omnivore.
  7. You can edit the template in Omnivore by editing the product action via Products - Product Actions - Edit the detailed description action.
  8. You can add text into this section, example you may want to add text or a new field.
  9. Be careful when editing because you can break or have unintended outcomes on the data you want to push to all listings. 
  10. Some examples:  
  11. For returns, you will need to change this part of the Product actions text:
  12. [returns]$returns [/returns] - if you have a metafield.  
  13. If you have generic returns information that applies to all products you simply need to add the text like so:
  14. [returns] Your Text here  [/returns] 
  15. Making the complete text in the Product Action look like this:

$detailedDescription [shortdescription]$shortDescription [/shortdescription]
[shipping]$productshipping [/shipping]
[returns] Your Text here  [/returns]
[productterms]$productterms [/productterms]
[faqs] $productfaqs [/faqs]

The information in the description product action will be added to every listing based on the product group that is attached to the product action.