Occasionally marketplaces remove categories from there taxonomy, this results in an error in Omnivore that says "Deprecated Categories".  This will be displayed in Omnivore as a red error message on the product / category page.  We do not get a warning that this change has happened.  So Omnivore receives the change in the feed and then will display the Deprecated Category message for sellers to see.  This means that these products may no longer be listed correctly on the marketplace.

This is the error you will see from the Category Mapping screens:

Error from the actual Product Page in Omnivore:

Next Steps

  1. The fix involves remapping any products to a new active Category for that marketplace.  
  2. From the product page click on 'Remap to an active category'
  3. On the next page read the top blurb and follow the steps to first delete the deprecated category then remap to a new category.
  4. Once you delete the deprecated categories and apply new categories the next upload feed will pick up this change and relist any unlisted products on the marketplace.

More Assistance

If you have applied all of these steps and the error still persists please reach out to our Team for Support.