You will not be able to update the default shipping information but you can edit the product description with inserted text of your choice.

Follow this guide to edit the description for every product or some products.  Also see the extra steps below specific for Coles.

Setup Guide & Information

  1. Have the guide FAQ above open and read steps 2-5 to navigate to the Product Actions section
  2. You may need to create a new action or edit and existing action.
  3. The existing description template product action may have something like this already:
  4. $detailedDescription [shortdescription]<br>$short_description[/shortdescription]<br> [featuresspecs]$techSpecs[/featuresspecs]<br> [shipping]$productshipping INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE[/shipping] <br> [productterms]$productterms [/productterms] <br> [faqs] $productfaqs [/faqs]
  5. To add the desired info for delivery/shipping see here [shipping]$productshipping INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE[/shipping]
  6. Add your text into the yellow section.
  7. Check if you want this for all products or for a group of products.  If you want only for a group see the other guide in this FAQ to create and apply a group to the product action.
  8. Click Update on the product action.
  9. Continue to follow the FAQ guide to Upload to the marketplace.