There are some specific settings that need to be applied to ensure this works correctly, please follow the guide closely.

This FAQ will setup Local Pickup as a Shipping Option on your chosen eBay Shipping Policies.

Setup Guide

  1. Find the shipping policy in eBay.
  2. You must use an existing Shipping Policy OR if a new Shipping Policy there must be another Service in the policy that is not Local Pickup.  This will not work if you have a Shipping Policy that is Local Pickup ONLY.
  3. Add a service and select Local Pickup.
  4. If you see this option do not use it - 'No postage: Local Pickup only'
  5. The buyer will now see the Local Pickup option when they select their preferred Shipping Method.
  6. The shipping method on an order in Omnivore will show as AU_Pickup.
  7. The order in Omnivore will come though as Shipped