If the marketplace rejects your products they will be in Omnivore in the Listing Errors Section.


Ways to find the listing errors section

  1. Products - Marketplace - Manage Listings - Listing Errors Tab
  2. From the Dashboard click 'Fix Now' under 'have listing errors.

Product rejection from each marketplace is varied and changeable.  Each marketplace has it own unique set of templates and rules that govern the acceptance or rejection of a product.

We have many FAQ's that capture the most common errors, most of which link to the Marketplace Portals for more information.

Best Practice for Solutions

  1. Use the guide above to navigate to the Listing Errors Section and search on your product.
  2. From the product page read the error checking for any embedded links within the error.
  3. Note the error and use it to search here we most likely have a solution for the error.
  4. Attempt to fix the product, you may need to log into your Seller Account in the relevant Marketplace to check their support documentation including any rejection reports (most relevant for Catch
  5. Reach out to us if you need to, please include the SKU, Name, a link to the product in Omnivore and the exact error.

Next Steps & More Reading

Below is a list of common error FAQ's for each Marketplace.

Amazon Australia 

Catch Marketplace 

eBay Australia 

Kogan AU and NZ 

My Deal 

The Market 


Woolworths Everyday Marketplace 

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