The product title is a key part of the product data used by Marketplaces to return the most relevant products to a buyer in search results. 

However, the product titles on your eCommerce store may not be descriptive enough for a Marketplace OR they may contain characters or data that will be rejected.   You can edit/change product titles in Omnivore without impacting your eCommerce store.  You can have different titles for different Marketplaces.

Omnivore allows you to modify product titles for any Marketplace individually, for a group of products or for all products using rules.

This FAQ only covers how to edit the title of a single product one by one. To learn more about modifying product titles for a group of products see here.

How to modify product titles individually

  1. To change just one product title, from the left menu go to Products - On 'Marketplace Name' 
  2. Find the product you wish to modify and click on the product name to view the product page in Omnivore.  In this example we have used the Catch Marketplace.
  3. Decide on your new product title, hover on the right and click on the Name you want to change and use the pop up box to type in your new title.
  4. Click the 'tick' to save
  5. To remove the new title and revert back to the original name just click Remove.

This will maintain the title we import but only change the title based on the Marketplace/s you changed.