If you are confident using CSV files you can import a customised file into Omnivore to rename a list of products for a specific Marketplace.  You can also use a CSV to add attributes such as brand, model, type etc.   We sometimes call this an 'overlay'.

Example, you might sell on eBay, Amazon, Catch and Kogan but you only want to edit the titles for eBay using a CSV.  Or you may want different attributes (brand, model, type) to show on different markets based on their specific needs.

This FAQ also includes how to remove any title/attribute changes, please read on.

This works on all marketplaces except My Deal, Trade Me.  It does not work on the direct feed markets such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.   If you do not see the Marketplace Attribute Tab on the Product Search it will not work.

How To Add Product Title

  1. Within Omnivore navigate to Products - On Marketplace (eg Amazon Australia) - Marketplace Attributes Tab.
  2. Note, with eBay Australia the tab will be called Item Specifics not Marketplace Attributes.
  3. Click the 'Export manually added attributes to CSV' button on the right.
  4. Click open to view the exported CSV file.
  5. Adjust the file, to add a new product title overlay you only need to retain two fields, productSku and productName
  6. Do NOT change the column headings they must be called productSku and productName.
  7. You can remove the other columns on the CSV because in this case we are only changing the data for name/title.
  8. Add your new titles for Amazon into the productName field for the SKU's you wish to edit.
  9. Save the file as a CSV. (We do recommend just adding one product into the CSV at first to test, particularly if this is your first time)
  10. With the file saved on your PC click 'Import attributes manually from CSV'.
  11. Read the pop up screen carefully and then choose your file to import and upload.
  12. Once the upload is complete you can search on a SKU that was in the file to check the title change has applied.

How To Add Other Attributes

Use the exact steps as above.  Your CSV columns will be productSku and the name of the other relevant attribute.   The CSV you first export will have some fields you can keep and use, as above remove what you are not using. Here are some common attributes you could use in your csv.

Important Points/Reversing your change

  1. To remove the product name change which will revert it back to the title as it appears in your eCommerce store you just upload that same CSV but remove the data from productName column, keep the column, just have the fields blank.

  2. More on removal, you can also remove/delete the title change for just one of the SKU's.  Go into the Marketplace Attributes Tab area once again, and search for the SKU you want to edit just one productName that has been previously uploaded by CSV. Deleting/removing the productName completely from the field on the marketplace attribute screen will work for a quick edit or removal of one or two product.  See two screen captures below.
  3. Running a test with one or two products in your CSV can be a good idea.
  4. If you do need to contact us for help please share your CSV file that you used.

Additional Reading