The eBay Marketplace requires Item Specific Attributes for some categories, in some cases they are mandatory.  

This can be achieved by using two simple methods in Omnivore.  Add Item Specifics at the Product Level or Bulk Map at the Category Level.

Step by step process

  1. Log in to Omnivore and navigate to Products, On eBay Australia, then click the Item Specifics Tab.  
  2. On this page you can see two buttons that say Products or Categories, click Categories.
  3. Click Bulk Map next to the category you want to add your Item Specifics too.
  4. On the bulk map page view you can now see all of the eBay Item Specifics you can select based on that category. Anything in red is mandatory.
  5. Under the set a default value column you can type in your free text.
  6. Under retailer product attribute name you can select values we have imported from your eCommerce Store
  7. Complete your fields as needed, click the green plus once added, you do not have to hit save or update on this page. Click the back button.
  8. Continue to bulk map based on category OR toggle back to products and apply your Item Specifics values at the product level.
  9. To push an immediate change to eBay Australia click Upload from the eBay Tab on the Dashboard.  
  10. If not this new data will sync in the next marketplace feed.

Get more help

If you do require assistance please contact our Support Team by emailing