There may be instances that require you to add UPC data directly via Omnivore, normally we import this data from the eCommerce Store.  The steps below cover the process.

Steps to add UPC using CSV

In Omnivore navigate to Products - Marketplace Name Manage Listings, then click the Marketplace Attributes Tab.

Prepare your CSV file using the attached example file.  The column titles have to be exactly as shown in the attached file so do not edit the column titles.

Add your SKU's and/or Variant SKU's if relevant.  Note the attached example file has a column for Variant SKU, if you do not want to apply the UPC at the variant SKU level just delete that entire column and keep the columns for productSKU and upc.

If you do want to add the UPC to just the variant SKU you will need to keep both SKU columns as per the attached file.

Once you have added your SKU's and UPC's Save the file, do not Save As.

From the Marketplace Attribute Tab page click import attributes manually from CSV, choose your CSV file and click Upload.

Note:  it can be a good idea to do a test run first by adding a UPC to just one SKU, many people complete a test run by editing just one SKU to begin with.

After the upload of the CSV is complete you will see a message on the screen to verify the upload.  To check from this page you can search for one of the products you just edited to check that the UPC did get added correctly.


  • The CSV files has to be formatted as attached.
  • Hit Save not Save As.
  • The SKU's have to be the SKU we use in Omnivore.
  • Doing a test run on one products first is recommended.
  • After a change of this kind an Upload to Marketplace is required.