This user guide shows you how to locate a product and order in Omnivore so you can send a direct URL link to Support. When you send us examples this way from inside Omnivore we can quickly assess and fix issues.  Please note, there is a short Video below demonstrating the steps below.

  1. Log into the App from your eCommerce Store and click on Products, On (Marketplace)
  2. Use the Query Term field to search for the product, you can use the SKU or a key word from the title.
  3. When you see the product in the list hover over the product title and right click to show the menu, click Copy Link Address.
  4. This will copy the direct URL of the product page in Omnivore onto your clipboard.
  5. Paste it into the ticket reply to us.

The screen capture below will help as a guide.

Note:   the direct product URL link will look something like this.

Tips and more relevant info  

One the product page in Omnivore we provide a direct link to the listing on the Marketplace. If there is no direct link then it is because the marketplace has not sent it back to us.  The direct link can be located under the Product View section on the product page.

  1. Follow the same steps to access the App Dashboard, click on Orders, All Orders.
  2. Search to locate the order you want to send us.
  3. Hover your mouse over the order number and right click to see the Copy Link Address option.
  4. Click copy link address which puts it onto your clipboard and right click paste (or CTRL V into your email to support.

This screen capture will help as a guide.

Note:   the direct order URL link will look something like this.

Other Useful Information about this topic

  1. If you are experiencing issues with products, listings or orders the most effective thing you can do is to send us direct links from within Omnivore.  We have access to the data that we need so we can see information in your eCommerce Store and on the Marketplace.  So starting with the information from inside Omnivore means that we are prepared to accurately see what is happening in all systems.
  2. On the Order page in Omnivore you can do the following:  edit the product that is in the order, edit the customer address, try and resend the order to your store if it is a failed order, view the order history information, see the tracking info.  If you search our Support Portal on how to edit an order you will find the relevant FAQ's.

How To Video

Please view this short video that demonstrates the steps above.