Having a brand name for your product is optional for your storefront, but some channels (like eBay and Amazon) may require a brand name to list on their marketplace.

If your products are handmade or you are the manufacturer, consider creating your own brand name from your website or business name. Here's how to set it up in BigCommerce to make sure your product data is correct for eBay/marketplaces.


Creating and Managing Brands in BigCommerce

In BigCommerce, go to Products Brands.

  • To create a brand, click Add a Brand.
  • To edit a brand, click its name or click Action › Edit.
  • To delete a brand, click the checkbox to its left, then the Trash icon.


After clicking Add a Brand, you will be brought to the Brand Details page.

Enter your brands one per line, then Save your changes.

You can also create a brand from the Other Details tab when creating or editing a product.


Click the name of your brand and you will be brought to the Edit Brand page. You will see the brand detail fields. Learn more about SEO Fields.

  • Brand Name
  • Page Title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Search Keywords
  • Brand Image — shows up on the All Brands page
  • Brand URL
  • Template Layout File


Applying a Brand to Your Product

1. Go to Products › View and add or edit your product.

2. On the Edit a Product page, go to the Other Details tab. Scroll down to the Other Details section.

3. Next to Brand Name, select your product's brand from the drop-down list. You can also create a product in the text field beside it.

4. Save your changes.