You have one or more products using an Option Set, and you have defined pricing rules on that Option Set so that price will change when different options are selected, but your product variations are showing the incorrect price?

This is a known issue in the Bigcommerce API. The Rules defined for an Option Set are not exposed in the API, ie 3rd party applications cannot know you have these rules.

In this article we explain 2 workarounds for this issue.

First we look at how an Option Set rule is defined.

In your Bigcommerce Admin, go to Product Options -> Option Sets:

In the example above, observe how "Pack Size" has 2 rules.

Click "Edit Rules":

In our example we adjust the price, the weight and we change the image for the "3 Pack" and "6 pack" variations.

Now we look at how the Product Options are set:

The product in the example uses the Option Set with the rules as you can observe below:

If you have products configured like the above you might encounter the pricing issues mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Currently there are 2 workarounds to allow us to retrieve the correct prices:

  1. Use SKUs for variations.
  2. Use Product Rules instead of Option Set Rules.

Detailed explanation follows.

1. Use SKUs for variations

This is the easiest method. Go to the SKUs tab and if you don't have SKUs you can either create these manually or just push the button "Generate SKUs" and Bigcommerce will create one SKU for each variation, then if needed you can adjust the value of the SKU.

One you have SKUs, we can retrieve the correct pricing.

2. Use Product Rules instead of Option Set Rules

Instead of using an Option Set Rule, you could create product rules that have the same effect. The drawback in this case is that you need to do this for each and every product that need the rules, while if you are using an Option Set Rule, this will automatically apply to all products that are using the Option Set.

In the example below, we have replaced the Option Set Rules with Product Rules that have the same effect on the product variation price. We have created a new Option Set with the same values but no rules defined, and we used this for the product options:

These 2 product are visible on our Bigcommerce test store:

Product with Option Set Rules:

Product with Product Rules: