Colour Mapping allows you to map a colour from your eCommerce store to a specific colour on a Marketplace. For example, you may sell a t shirt in 'lavender' but the marketplace that you are selling on only supports the colour 'purple' in their search function. If you map 'lavender' to 'purple' then your product will still show in search filters.

If you don't assign colours, your products may NOT list on that marketplace as its a requirement that must be met for the product to be listed.

Marketplaces which require colours to be mapped

  • TradeSquare
  • Westfield online
  • TheMarket
  • TheIconic
  • Onceit

How to Map your Colours to Marketplace Colours

  1. In Omnivore, go to the Dashboard and click on the relevant Marketplace Tab.  In our example image below it is TheMarket.
  2. On the Marketplace Dashboard you will see Need Colour Mapping, fix now. 
  3.  From the fix now colour mapping page check the box of the colour first, then click the corresponding marketplace colour, example below.
  4. Do this for all colours OR use the automatically map to known colours button and it will be done automatically if we already have a mapping for that colour.
  5. If you need to delete/change a colour mapping, click the cross button.