The following new features designed to help increase your sales are available with the eBay LINK subscription.

Product Title and Description Optimisation

Edit product descriptions and titles on eBay for a group(s) of products for better search rankings.

Set up Product Titles

Set up Product Descriptions

Cross sell your other products

Add a Cross Sell section to your eBay product listing template that promotes your other products.

How to set up Cross Selling

Set up eBay Promoted Listings directly from eBay Link

Have greater control over which products are promoted; Set up eBay Promoted Listings with product groups directly from eBay Link. 

Set up Promoted Listings

Tailored eBay Returns Policies

Create different eBay returns policies for different products or groups of products. Useful if you have products which can't be returned.

Set up tailored Returns Policies

Tailored Item Location Policies

Have different item locations for your products on eBay if you fulfil from multiple locations or drop ship.

Set up tailored Item Location Policies

Add Additional Images

Increase conversion to purchase with additional images to eBay such as adding a size chart.

Set up additional images

Size Chart for Clothing etc

If you sell anything that has a size element to it, you can add an additional image to the appropriate listing with the size chart as part of the image.

Set up a size chart

Sell old stock hidden on Shopify 

Old products hidden in your Shopify store can now be imported to eBay LINK and listed on eBay. Clear out old stock by Selling products on eBay that are hidden in your Shopify Store.

Set up Import of hidden products on Shopify