How to use Product Groups for Product Descriptions

If you want to change the description for a group of products:

  1. Create a product group - in eBay Link/Omnivore go to 'Products - Product Groups' in the left navigation menu and click 'Add a product group'. Complete the criteria or add specific SKUs.
  2. Go to 'Products - Product Actions'. Click 'Create detailed description' and complete the required fields.
    1. Make sure you choose the product group you created in 1 above.
    2. For the description template, follow the guidelines above around adding/removing text and using the data fields. In this example, the description on the marketplace will use the description from your ecommerce store followed by 'For a limited time, all products over $200... '
  3. Click save then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to [Marketplace]' to make the changes live on the marketplace.
  4. TIP: If you want to check the description is correct on a product before updating all, go to 'Products - On [Marketplace]'. Search for the product then click through to the full product details page. Scroll down and click 'Upload to [Marketplace]'.

To push these changes to the Marketplace listings you have to go to your Dashboard and click the Upload to [Marketplace] button so that your listings can receive the new description information.