In this FAQ you'll learn how to create different/custom product descriptions using product actions. 

Create Product Group and Product Action

  1. In Omnivore go to 'Products - Product Groups' in the left navigation menu and click 'Add a product group'. Complete the criteria or add specific SKUs.  Please see this FAQ for product group creation if you need more info.
  2. Go to 'Products - Product Actions'. Click 'Create detailed description' and complete the required fields.
  3. Make sure you choose the product group you created in step one above and add that group to the Product Action.
  4. Make sure in the Product Action that you have selected the correct Marketplace.
  5. For the description template, follow the guidelines on adding/removing text and using the data fields in the complete guide. 
  6. In this example, the description on the marketplace will use the description from your eCommerce store followed by the wording eg, $detailed_descripton These words will be after your description.  
  7. This FAQ here is the complete guide to editing descriptions.
  8. Click save then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to [Marketplace]' to make the changes live on the marketplace.
  9. TIP: If you want to check the description is correct on a product before updating all, go to 'Products - [Marketplace Name]'. Search for the product then click through to view full product details page. Scroll down and click 'Upload to [Marketplace]'.  This will push a single product to the marketplace so you can check your changes.  If there is no upload to marketplace button on the product page in Omnivore you can check the Detailed Description section under the marketplace product view heading, this will show your changes.  See below.

IMPORTANT: To push these changes to the Marketplace listings you have to go to your Dashboard and click the Upload to Marketplace  button so that your listings can receive the new description information.

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