Note: Unfortunately, for merchants using "Shopify" we are unable to import product dimensions via the Shopify API, so it isn't possible to use calculated postage. 

Australia Post Calculated Postage on eBay requires the package weight and dimensions of a product, in order to correctly calculate the postage cost for an item. 

Please check that all products have weight and dimensions in our platform.

e.g. on the product details page you should see the following:

These changes are made in your eBay seller account in eBay

  1. Log into your eBay seller account in eBay.
  2. Go to Manage Postage settings at
  3. Click “Combined payments” and make sure this has been enabled.
  4. Under “Postage Settings" select "Edit" next to "Calculated Postage rule".
  5. A popup window will open. Choose either "No discount", "Combine all item weights" or "Combine all item weights and subtract an amount" then click "Next"
  6. Choose either "Specify a handling cost for an order" or "Specify a handling cost for each additional item" Note: "Specify a handling cost when listing your item" cannot be used with eBay Link
  7. Enter the amount you wish to charge as a handling cost. Please note you can leave this as 0 if you do not wish to add a handling cost to your shipping.
  8. Click "Save"
  9. You will now need to apply your Calculated postage rule to your shipping policies in eBay.
  10. Go to and select the postage policy that you would like to apply your Calculated postage rule to
  11. Click on the relevant shipping policy/policies and choose Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location from the drop down and make sure that "Apply my calculated postage rule" is ticked as below and save the policy in eBay. 
  12. Repeat for each postage policy that you would like to apply the calculated postage to.