This article can be applied to All Marketplaces. In Omnivore you can set a Maximum Stock Quantity for each Marketplace. Omnivore will set the inventory of your products to the number that is in this field. 

By default it is set to 1.

How to set a maximum stock quantity

In Omnivore, click on Settings < 'Marketplace Name' < General

Scroll down to the Your Products Section

Change the Maximum stock quantity in Marketplace (this example is using eBay) to the required number. For example, if you set this value to 10 we will only show 10 in stock on the marketplace.   If the maximum quantity is 10 but you only have 2 in stock, Omnivore will respect the lower quantity and send a stock of 2 to the Marketplace.

Each Settings, Marketplace, General page has this setting allowing you to set the Maximum Stock Quantity to be different for each Marketplace.

Then click Update Settings at bottom of the page.

Apply the change

To apply this change you will need to go to the Dashboard and hit Upload to Marketplace.

As per the rule the Marketplace will now only display the maximum quantity set even though you may have more actual stock.

More Information

At this time it is not possible to set a maximum quantity specific to certain products or a single product, this setting explained here will apply to all products.