If you are currently selling on eBay.com.au with eBay Sync, we recommend following these steps to minimise downtime on your eBay store:

  1. Install the eBay LINK WooCommerce plugin in your WooCommerce store admin.
  2. Follow the set up wizard for eBay  - you will be asked to authorise eBay LINK to your eBay store, set up your payment, returns and shipping policies and your product listing template. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes. See these step by step instructions for a preview.
  3. Once you have finished the set up wizard and land on the eBay LINK Dashboard, it will likely be syncing and importing products from WooCommerce. Once the Sync/update is complete you will need to choose eBay Categories for your products. You have 2 options here. 
    1. Keep the eBay Category mappings that your products were listed in on eBay using eBay Sync. See Keep the eBay Category Mappings for instructions on how to do this.
    2. Start choosing eBay categories for any remaining products - from the Dashboard under 'Reasons for not being listed' click 'Choose Category'. Further instructions are available under Category Mapping
    3. Orders Go to 'Settings - eBay Australia - Configuration' and input a date into the 'Do not import orders before this date' section under Your Orders and put in the date you plan to go live with eBayLink. This is to make sure no orders are imported for products sold that were listed via eBay Sync.
  4. When you've finalised your eBay LINK set up and ready to start listing your products on eBay you will need to:
    1. From the Dashboard in eBay LINK click the 'Start Selling' button - if its not showing then you have not finished your set up yet.
    2. Wait for the Sync to finish in eBay LINK - it is creating new listings on eBay and depending on the number of products you have it can take from 5 mins for a few products or over an hour if you have 1000s.
    3. Check your eBay store to see that your products are listed.
  5. Remove the eBay Sync Plugin from WooCommerce. Login to WooCommerce and go to 'WordPress - Plugins - Installed Plugins'. Scroll to eBay Sync and click on 'deactivate.' Once that's done, click on 'delete.' this will remove the plugin from your WordPress site.

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