The Set Up Wizard is designed to step you through connecting eBay LINK to your eBay store and setting up the following:

  1. Authorise eBay LINK to access eBay on your behalf
  2. Your eBay Returns and Payment policies
  3. Your eBay Product Listing Template
  4. A default shipping policy

You will need to know/have:

  • Your eBay User ID
  • The email address of your PayPal Account
  • A logo hosted on a https URL for your Product Listing Template 

Accept the Terms and Conditions

Account Set Up:

  • If you are not an Australian business you can leave the ABN blank.
  • If you have existing listings on eBay, eBay LINK will send inventory of '0' to any listing that we did not create. 

Connect to eBay

  • Please check that you are NOT signed into a personal eBay account otherwise you can authorise your store to an incorrect eBay User ID.

Follow these steps to ensure you authorise eBay LINK to the correct eBay ID:

Grant Access

Login to eBay

Store Settings - Location

  • This should be the location of where your products are shipped from.

Store Settings - Payment and Returns Policies

  • You must provide 30+ day money back return policy for your product to qualify for eBay Premium Service (amongst other criteria e.g Shipping)
  • More info: eBay Returns
  • Your Payment policy is simply 'Immediate Payment Required' as you must use PayPal to use eBay LINK.

eBay Product Listing Template

  • eBay LINK comes with a default listing template. The set up wizard steps you through adding information to the template such as:
    • About Us - what does the customer want to know about your business? Why should they buy from you?
    • Shipping - how do you ship your products? What options do you provide - standard? express? handling time? 
    • Returns - explain your policy on returning an item. What will you accept? What won't you accept? When do you have to return by?
    • Payment - simply add 'We accept PayPal' here
  • Most of this information should be available on your own ecommerce website so feel free to copy and paste and adjust for eBay best practise.
  • You can change the content of this anytime after you've completed the set up wizard by going to 'Settings - eBay Australia - Product Listing Template'

eBay Product Listing Template - Logo

  • You will need to add your Logo to the template.
  • It must be provided in a URL that anyone can see publicly in a browser and we recommend that the dimensions are no wider than 900px by 400px long.
  • You can often get a Logo URL if you hover on the logo on your homepage and right click to copy the link
  • You can also upload your logo to a product that is not visible in your ecommerce store to create a Logo URL


  • You will create a default shipping option here during the set up wizard
  • You can change the shipping at any time by going to 'Settings - eBay Australia - Shipping' 
  • After the wizard finishes you can also set up calculated shipping, weight based shipping and different policies for different groups of products.


  • Choose the top level categories that you want to sell your products in, it will help with our recommendations.


Go to 'Settings - eBay Australia - Configuration' and input a date into the 'Do not import orders before this date' section under Your Orders and put in today's date.

If you get to the Dashboard and their is a Product Sync in progress, just wait for it to complete. If you have 100 products, it will take around 20 minutes. If you have over a 1000 it may take an hour or two. It is progressing though. 

Note: If you have more than 10,000 products it can take a day. If you have that many products please contact us so that we can look at the timing and frequency of the syncs with your store.

Choose Products to List

  • Once the Sync has finished, you can choose Categories for your products
  • See also the eBay Set Up Checklist for other things you may want to consider before you start selling on eBay

Start Selling