Our platform supports the Volume Discounts feature on eBay. Volume Discounts is an eBay feature that is part of Promotion Tools, available now to all eBay Store subscribers, providing tiered discounts to buyers. The discounts, set by you, are offered to buyers when purchasing 2, 3, or more of the same item in the one transaction.


To enable this on your listings, follow the instructions outlined by eBay under the section for Volume Discounts and Setting up Volume Discounts in the FAQ above.  You will need to scroll down on the page a little.

When you are asked to enter the SKU's or Item ID's to apply the tiered pricing to, please use the following Data:

  • SKU 

In our platform, the SKU is sometimes different to what you call SKU in your ecommerce platform. To get the SKU you need to enter in eBay to apply a volume discount, login to our platform. Go to 'Products - On eBay Australia'. In the 'All Products' tab search for the products you need the SKU for. Click 'Export to CSV'. This will give you the SKU (product sku).

The SKU is often in the 'Custom Label' field where you view your Active Listings on eBay. See screenshot below.

  • Item ID

Go to your Active Listings on eBay. In the table, you should be able to see a column called 'Item ID'. If not, click 'Customise' and add it to the table.

The Item ID is also in the listing URL. In the URL there will be a number e.g The listing/item ID for this listing is '253928647133'. 

  • eBay Category ID

To apply to a whole category of products, add the eBay Category ID. To get the eBay Category ID, find the category on eBay and the ID number is in the URL e.g for the category ID is 20349.

eBay Overview (you will need to scroll down the page)

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