If you're an international seller selling on a marketplace outside of the currency of your ecommerce platform, our system has a default exchange rate that we update automatically as foreign currencies fluctuate. 

However, you might want to fix the exchange rate so that your pricing doesn't fluctuate daily, so that the price is rounded or so that you can control your prices .

To fix your exchange rate go to 'Settings - Currencies - Custom Exchange Rates'.

In the following example, we are going to set the NZD equal to the AUD so that a price of $29.95 in the NZD based ecommerce store is on eBay.com.au for $29.95.

  1. Click 'Add Custom Exchange Rate'
  2. For the field 'From Currency, select your base currency i.e if you're an Australian retailer, this is 'Australian Dollar'
  3. To Currency - choose Australian Dollar since eBay.com.au is an AUD site
  4. Valid from date - you can either enter Today's date or a date in the future and the currency will apply from that date. 
  5. In the 'Exchange Rate' field, enter the rate from NZD to AUD you want to use. In this example it is 1.
  6. In the 'Reverse Exchange Rate' field enter the rate from AUD to NZD you want so that when orders come back to your ecommerce platform the Order amount is in the correct amount. In this example it is 1.
  7. Click Submit.