If you are receiving the error: validation error = For security reasons, please log in again it means that your eBay account may have been compromised by Fraudulent Activity.

To resolve this, we need you to break the connection between our system and eBay then re-authorise access. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to 'Settings - eBay Australia - General'
  2. In the field 'eBay User ID' you will see your eBay User ID. Please delete this and click 'Update Settings' - this is to break the connection between our system and eBay.
  3. Go back to the field 'eBay User ID' and re-enter your eBay User ID and click 'Update Settings'
  4. Go to the Dashboard. You should now see the following alert at the top: 
  5. To renew the connection with eBay, simply click the "Go to eBay" button(s) and follow the prompts to enter to eBay username/password. e.g:

  6. Once complete, the warnings will disappear from your dashboard.
  7. You then need to do a complete sync between your ecommerce store, our system and eBay. From the Dashboard click the 'Import from Shopify/BigCommerce etc' (button name depends on your ecommerce platform). 
  8. Once the sync completes please check that the error messages have gone.