Essential Reading

This error can sometimes occur when you are trying to create a listing with a SKU that is already in use on eBay.

There are other scenarios that cause this eBay Validation error, some of which require case by case investigation by our and the eBays Support/Dev Team.

NOTE:  If the below steps to do not clear the error, and you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team for further investigation.  Please provide 2 or 3 product examples in Omnivore so we can investigate for you.

Next Steps to Try

To check if any Active or Scheduled listings already exist on eBay for the SKU:

  1. Log into your eBay seller account.
  2. Navigate to Seller Hub and select the "Listings" tab.
  3. Select "Custom label (SKU)" from the field drop-down, enter the SKU you want to search for and click the "Search" button.

  4. Repeat this search for both "Active" and "Scheduled" listings in your eBay account.

If you find a existing listing with the SKU, you will need to end the listing in eBay before it can be listed from our system.

If you can't find an existing listing in eBay that is using this SKU, you can try the following:

  1. In our system, select "Products" from the left hand menu.
  2. Navigate to the product details page for the product by searching for the SKU.

  3. Scroll down to the "eBay Australia Product View" section.
  4. Try clicking the "Upload to eBay Australia" button to see if that resolves the issue.

  5. If that doesn't work, try clicking the "Zero Out Quantities" button, or the "End Listing" button, then trying the "Upload to eBay Australia" button again.