If you already had an existing eBay store/account with active listings, you may find they are set to a quantity of "zero" after starting to use our platform.

By default, our platform will set any existing eBay listings a seller may have to a quantity of "zero", to prevent confusion and issues occurring.


This is done for a number of reasons:

  • Any products listed on eBay via a different method ( manually or another system) are not recognised by our platform.
  • Any eBay orders we receive for these products will get stuck in our platform (as the SKUs are unknown) and not passed onto your main eCommerce platform (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento etc...). 
  • Any such listings/orders need to be checked/processed outside of our platform, meaning the seller will need to check both eBay and our platform depending on the product(s) ordered.
    This can create multiple issues and additional work for the seller.

If for some reason you wish to disable this feature, and are happy to accept the risk of the issues highlighted above and the responsibility of resolving them, pease contact our support team here.