The eBay Markdown Manager tool has a number of requirements/rules that you need to follow when using Omnivore/eBay Link.

Key Points

  • For Mark Down Manager to work the following setting in eBay must be ticked within eBay - Keep items in this sale and block revisions for price increases.
  • If this is NOT ticked Omnivore will not support eBay Markdown Manager.
  • Go to the Marketing Tab in your eBay Seller Hub to check this setting.

  • The Importance of ticking this setting in eBay:  Any revisions to a listing will remove that product from the Markdown Manager sale.  As we revise price and quantity information frequently, products will be removed from any Markdown Manager promo (this will be relevant ONLY if you do not tick the required eBay setting mentioned above)
  • Any Markdown Manager promotion that does not have the box ticked will be ended when the product is next updated.

Other requirements/rules include:

  • Items need to be listed for seven days before being added to a sale.
  • If you've revised either the item price or postage costs within the past seven days, you won't be able to add the item to a sale.
  • If an item is already in a sale, but you revise either the item price or postage costs, the item is removed from the sale.
  • If a listing is already on sale, you won't be able to add a new sale. For example, if your listing is on a price sale, you won't be able to add a free postage sale to that listing.

A full list of the eBay Markdown Manager requirements/rules can be found here:

Alternatives to Markdown Manager

The Promotions feature in our platform is a great alternative to the eBay Markdown Manager tool.

Further information on the Promotions feature and how to use it can be found here: Promotions Feature