Click & Collect allows your buyers to collect items they have purchased from your store at their selected Woolworths store.

How Does Click & Collect work?

Where it's available, buyers can choose to have their item sent to their nearest Woolworths store instead of having it sent to their home or business. Sellers pack and post as usual. 

Do I have to integrate my systems with Woolworths or a third-party listing provider?

No. Our technology manages the process and we work seamlessly with third party providers. You may have to upgrade your third party tool to make sure that you have the latest functionalities available.

Are there any additional cost associated with Click & Collect?

There are no additional fees charged by eBay for offering Click & Collect as a delivery option on eligible listings and it's unlikely you'll be paying anything extra to post your item to a chosen Woolworths than if you were sending your item off to a buyer's home address.

Are there any size and weight limits for Click & Collect?

Yes. The maximum parcel weight is 16kg and the maximum parcel dimensions are 41.2cm x 50cm x 36cm, including packaging. If you're selling items over these limits, make sure you've stated this in your listing or opted out these listings. Any items that are too large may be rejected at Woolworths and disposed of.

Are there any other listing requirements?

As long as your use a quick handling time, items adhere to size & weight limits and you send them using an approved service you should be good to go.

eBay will look to include Click & Collect on listings based on the information available. However, it's up to you to check and manage your listings carefully and opt out any that don't meet the Click & Collect requirements. For example, dangerous or age-restricted items may not be accepted in store and you'll end up with an unhappy customer.

When listing new products, make sure you consider your postage practices to ensure you've got as much of your product range available for Click & Collect.

Does Woolworths Click & Collect require any shipping changes?

Woolworths click and collect (PUDO) cant be used with rate tables as rate tables overrides click and collect (PUDO).

Who are the participating carriers?

You can now post your parcel to a Click & Collect store with your usual carrier. 

Do I need to buy my postage labels on eBay?

No. You can purchase your postage as usual through your carrier. Just remember to:

  • Use the address we provide including the buyer's name and the unique code.
  • If tracking service has been used, upload tracking information once you've sent your item.

Of course if you want to, you can buy your postage from Australia Post on eBay and tracking will automatically be uploaded for you.

What is an eCP code and why is it needed?

A unique eCP code is generated for every Click & Collect order to allow for accurate parcel identification – ensuring buyers get the correct item. We'll automatically include it with the store address for all Click & Collect orders you receive. To avoid any delays, make sure the code is clearly visible on the postage label.

What is the unique collection code?

A unique collection code is generated for every Click & Collect order and is sent only to the buyer once the parcel is ready for collection. Collection points will only release parcels to buyers if they can provide the corresponding collection code at the time of collection. The collection code provided to the buyer IS NOT the same as the eCP code you include on the parcel.

Can I disable or opt-out of Click & Collect?

If you'd prefer not to offer a Click & Collect service for your buyers, you can opt out altogether, or exclude certain listings. To opt out of Click & Collect completely, go to My eBay > My eBay Summary click on Account tab, click on Site preferences in the Account preferences section and then select opt-out. You can opt back in at any time. You can also go here

For any additional details regarding the Woolworths Click & Collect programme visit the eBay Seller Centre or contact eBay customer service.