eBay Promoted Listings are a promotional tool that enables you to boost the visibility of your products in eBay search results. By bidding a percentage of the final sale price you can place your products higher in search results. 

For more information see Promoted Listings in the eBay Seller Centre.

You can now manage your Promoted Listings on eBay via Omnivore/eBayLINK. If you use Omnivore/eBayLINK to manage your Promoted Listings you will have:

  • Greater flexibility over which products to promote by using Product Groups. 
  • More options on how much to Bid e.g.
    • Use the recommended eBay bid percentage for each product 
    • Set your own bid percentage for all products
    • Set a rule to increase/decrease a bid based on the recommended eBay bid percentage for each product. i.e This option tracks the eBay recommended bid percentage for each product and applies your chosen modification percentage. As an example, if the eBay recommendation is 5.5% for a product and you enter -1.5%, the bid will be set at 4.0%.  If another product in the promoted listings group has a recommended bid of 4.1%, its bid will be set at 2.6%. Note that the minimum allowed bid is 1%, so if the eBay recommendation is 2.5% and you enter -2% the bid will be increased to 1% for that product

Please Note:

Promoted Listings are only available to Above Standard and Top Rated eBay sellers with recent sales activity. If you have not accepted the Promoted Listings Terms and Conditions on eBay you will not be able to create a campaign.

How to set up eBay Promoted Listings

To set up promoted listings you first need to decide which products you want to promote.

  1. In Omnivore/eBayLINK go to 'Products - Product Groups' in the left navigation menu and create a product group. How to create Product Groups
  2. Go to 'Products - eBay Australia' then click the 'Promoted Listings' tab.
  3. Choose the Product Group you created in step 1 from the drop-down then 'Go'. You should then see all products in that Product Group.
  4. You will see the Recommended eBay Bid percentage for each product in the table in Omnivore/eBayLINK. This will help you decide how much you would like to bid.

  5. Click 'Create'
    6. Complete the required fields:
    1. You can set a start and end date or leave blank if you wish the campaign to run continuously.
    2. Choose the bid amount. See explanation above on the different options.
    3. Click 'Save'.

  6. If you have not accepted the Promoted Listings T&Cs on eBay you will not be able to create a campaign. You will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Omnivore/eBayLINK will then create the campaign on eBay.

How to check your listings are being promoted

Log into your eBay seller account (not OmnivoreeBayLINK) go to My eBay, then go to the Active Listings page - you will see a table of your listings and if they are promoted you will see Promoted next to the listings that are promoted: