This FAQ guides you through how to prevent oversells by using Omnivores 'stock buffer' feature and directs you to where you can learn to set a stock buffer for a group of products. 

Stock Buffers

Our system has a setting called a Minimum Stock Buffer. You can use this to set a minimum level of inventory on all your products that you want listed on.

For example, if you set the Minimum Stock Buffer to 5, all products with inventory in our system of less than 5 will not be available for sale on the marketplace/s.

To set up your Minimum Stock Buffer go to Settings / Administration / Product Import where you will see

Enter your desired buffer and click ‘Update’. Then go to your dashboard and click ‘Update Marketplace’ to send any changes up to the marketplace/s.

Note: the default value is set to 1 so any products with an inventory of 1 will not list on the Marketplace. Enter ’0′ if you want all products including those with an inventory of 1 to be listed.

Stock Buffer By Product Group

You can set a stock buffer to a group of products.  Please follow this FAQ here to setup a Product Action for a stock buffer.