If your product images are showing as a generic polaroid image in the Gallery View on eBay (see below) it can be caused by a few things.  See below for consideration of how eBay Australia handle images and work thru each suggestion from 1-3. 

Quite often the gallery view shows the polaroid but if you click into the listing the images are okay.



Potential Issue/Fix 1

The image is in a CMYK format. eBay doesn’t support images saved in the CMYK format so the image will need to be converted to RGB format.

To convert an image from CMYK to RGB, you can use tools such as Photoshop or

More information on eBay picture guidelines can be found here.

Images that we import and send to eBay come from your eCommerce Store so any image changes are done on your site because that is where the images are hosted.

Potential Issue/Fix 2

Sometimes a full image update will clear this issue.  

To do this log in to Omnivore and navigate to Products - Product Actions - Product Images - click Force image update.

Give it 2-5 hours minimum or the job and update to run and check the images on eBay.

Potential Issue/Fix 3

eBay checks for image data from the location where the images are hosted, and in the case of Omnivore retailers product images are hosted on the sellers eCommerce Store.  We import the image in the form of an image URL which we send to eBay, but the image itself remains 'hosted' on your site.

There are rare occasions where eBay checks for images and there are delays due to the number of calls eBay is making to check for images.  If they cannot momentarily check or see an image they display the thumbnail not the image.

You can whitelist the eBay IP Addresses on your server to better support the process so that when eBay does check the images there is less potential for blockage or slowness in busy times.  

We recommend white listing these eBay IP Addresses if this image issue persists.

After the IP Addresses have been whitelisted log into Omnivore and trigger and Import from your eCommerce Store then when that is complete an Upload to eBay Australia.  This type of change depending on how many products you have can take a day to fully update every affected image.

If you have checked and tried all of these and still the image view issue persists please contact our Support Team for help.