eBay has changed its policy with regard to mandating a cover image for the Adult categories.  With regard to Private Listings, please see Adult Content and Private Listings

The current eBay policy on sex category images is as follows:

The Adult Items Policy has been amended and you are no longer required to use an adult content warning image when listing your items.

What does this mean? It means you are now allowed to display your sexual wellness product in the gallery image, provided that the picture does not contain nudity, explicit sexual content and otherwise complies with our Adult items policy.

We advise you to advise you to comply with the following guidelines as a failure to comply may result in the removal of your selling privileges.

New Condition Only

All sexual wellness products must be in new condition, in their original packaging only.
No Nudity

Nothing in the listing including the packaging may contain nudity. Nudity must be sufficiently concealed with censor strips on all items containing such content.
Graphic Sexual Images

Products that depict graphic sexual images in any form including print, video, and created images are strictly prohibited.
No Modelling of Item

The item may not be modelled on a real person or mannequin i.e. the image must only show the item being sold.
No International Postage

Listings may not offer international postage.
No Profanity/Graphic

As per our profanity policy, obscene or graphic language in the product's title, listing description or packaging is prohibited.
Clinical Tone

Products must be described in a “clinical” in tone. Use straightforward, business-like words, focusing simply on product features, without sexual innuendo or aggressive adult content.