These changes are made in your eBay seller account in eBay

To set up free shipping for orders over a specified amount, you will first need to create a promotional postage rule in your eBay store. 

  1. Log into your eBay seller account.
  2. Go to Manage Postage settings at
  3. Click “Combined payments” and make sure this has been enabled.
  4. Next click Edit next to "Calculated postage rule"
  5. On the next screen, choose "Add an amount for each additional item" click "Add Profile" tick the "Free Postage" box and complete as below.
  6. Review your changes and hit “Save

  7. You will now need to apply your flat postage rule to your shipping policies in eBay.
  8. Go to and select the postage policy that you would like to apply the flat postage rule to
  9. Click on the relevant shipping policy/policies and choose Flat: same cost to all buyers from the drop down and make sure that "Apply my flat postage rule" is ticked as below and save the policy in eBay.
  10.  Repeat for each postage policy that you would like to apply free shipping for additional items.