PREREQUISITE: Before you can use the solution below, please ensure that ALL of your products have a product weight value entered in your existing system.

This first step is completed in your eBay Seller Account

To set up shipping costs which are calculated using the item weight, you need to set up a "Weight" based domestic postage rate table in eBay.

Using a "Weight" based eBay domestic postage rate table, you can specify a flat rate cost, plus a cost per KG, to ship an item to 100 different regions across Australia.

Postage rate tables provide even more accurate postage charges to buyers. eBay have provided a template designed to help you prepare for postage rate tables.

For more information, and the most up to date FAQ’s on eBay's postage rate tables please see here.


To setup a "Weight" based domestic postage rate table:

  1. Log into your eBay seller account.
  2. Go to
  3. Under the heading “Postage settings” select the “Edit” link next to “Use postage rate tables”.
  4. Choose a name for your rate table. (e.g "Domestic Postage Rate Table"), and choose to set postage rates by "Weight"

  5. For each postage service you intend offer (Expedited and/or Standard), choose your regions and specify how much you want to charge buyers for that service.

  6. Next, add the flat rate cost and the cost per kg, for each region group.

  7. To finish, click the blue ‘Save’ button to save your rate table.


- To offer free postage when using rate tables, enter $0 in the price field, don't leave it blank.

- The first weight break is set to 1kg, even if the actual weight of your item is lower.

This next step is completed in your eBay Link / Omnivore app

Now that you have setup your postage rate table, you need to apply it to your listings.

To do so:

  1. From the left-hand menu select “Settings → Configuration”.
  2. Click on the “eBay Australia Shipping Options” tab to expand it.
  3. Select the “edit” icon next to the shipping policy named “basic”.

  4. In the “basic” shipping policy, select “Yes” for the “Enable Complex Shipping” radio button and click “Update”.

  5. To apply this change to your products on eBay click the “Synch policies” button.