If you're an existing seller on eBay and want to start using Omnivore as your integration tool you can keep your existing listings on eBay - this means you retain your eBay sales history and anyone 'watching' your listings.

How it Works

  1. Omnivore imports products from your ecommerce store, then when Omnivore is connected to eBay, it imports your active listings from eBay.
  2. The listing from eBay is then matched to a product in Omnivore based on the Product Title. If we can't find a product in Omnivore to match the product to, you can search for one and match it.
  3. You (the retailer) check the listing in eBay is matched to the correct product in Omnivore then 'LINK' the product.
  4. Once it is linked, Omnivore connects to eBay and essentially takes 'ownership' of the listing and updates the listing on eBay with the product data in Omnivore. i.e the Product title, description, price, inventory etc from Omnivore overrides the existing product data. NOTE: The eBay listing ID remains the same so the eBay sales history is kept and anyone 'watching' the listing are still 'watching'
  5. Omnivore also uses the Category from eBay that the product is listed in and adds that Category to the product in Omnivore - this reduces time during set up.

Please note: this feature does not work for WooCommerce retailers who are using eBay Sync.

Get Set Up

Step 1: Connect Omnivore to your eCommerce Store

  • Depending on your ecommerce platform we have a variety of extensions/apps/plugins to use. See Install the App for further details.

Step 2: Add/Choose the eBay Marketplace and Set it Up

  • The eBay Marketplace must be set up in Omnivore. When you install the app you will be asked to choose a marketplace to connect to, choose eBay Australia
  • Complete the Set Up Wizard. You will be asked to authorise Omnivore to access your eBay Account, Set up your Returns, Payment and Shipping Policies and complete your eBay Product Listing Template.
  • Once you have finished this, you will be taken to the Dashboard in Omnivore.

Step 3: Link your current eBay Listings to a product in Omnivore

  • In Omnivore Go to 'Products - On eBay Australia'. Click to the Tab: Link eBay Listings'. 
  • You should be able to see the listings we have imported from eBay on the left of the table, and in the right of the table the product in Omnivore that we have matched the eBay listing to.
  • You will need to review each listing and decide if you want to keep the listing and link it with the matched product in Omnivore or end the listing.
  • When you link a listing, Omnivore will then be able to take control of the listing and update it with the product data we have matched it with from Omnivore. This means that the product title, description, price etc that we have in Omnivore will be what is used on eBay for that listing after we have linked with it

Here are some scenarios when linking products:

The PRICE is different on the existing listing to the price in Omnivore 

  • The price on eBay may be different to what you have in your ecommerce system. When you LINK a product, the listing on eBay will use the price we have in Omnivore that we import from your ecommerce store.
  • If you want to change the price of the product in Omnivore, you can set up a promotion.

Listed on eBay with no match in Omnivore

  • Search for a product by typing a minimum of 3 letters in the box

Blocked Products in Omnivore

  • If you have blocked a product in Omnivore it means you don't want it to list on eBay. If the product is blocked in Omnivore and you link it with a listing, you will END the existing listing if its linked.
  • If you don't want to end the listing and want to link it, go to the All Products tab and unblock it.

Inactive Products

  • If you have an inactive product in Omnivore it means at some point we have imported the product from your ecommerce store but its no longer available/active e.g it may not have inventory. If the product is inactive in Omnivore and you link it with a listing, you will END the existing listing if its linked.
  • If you don't want to end the listing and want to link it, go to the product in your ecommerce platform and add inventory to re-activate it. You will need to do a full sync from your ecommerce store with Omnivore to update the inactive product. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from <ecommerce store>.