It's possible to have Omnivore assign incoming orders to a particular physical store, warehouse or distribution centre (DC).  To do this, you will need to first decide how orders will be allocated.  Currently, Omnivore supports the following:

  • Allocate orders to stores based on poscode
  • Allocate orders to stores based on distance to store

These methods require that the retailer is set up for Click and Collect and has a number of stores uploaded into Omnivore as a pre-requisite.

For the first method the stores must be uploaded with a set of postcodes that they service.  A store can have a list of postcodes and/or specify a postcode range, eg:

2011, 2013, 2067-2072

If instead you want to allocate to the nearest store to the home delivery address, Omnivore can work out and send the order to the store that's nearest the buyer by looking at minimum distance between latitude and longitude of the shipment address postcode and the latitude and longitude of the nearby stores.  There is a maximum radius to keep this list down to a workable minimum.

To set dispatch to store up, you will need to set up the click and collect store functionality and add the configuration details under Settings > Administration : Store Order Dispatch (this is only visible to admin-level users).  Please note that if stores are uploaded with their postcode ranges, the "dispatch to stores within" radius is not used.  The dispatch radius is only used if postcode ranges are missing for all stores.