If you receive this error when trying to launch eBay LINK from Shopify or BigCommerce then the following reasons may apply:

Accessing Multiple Shopify or BigCommerce stores from one Shopify/BigCommerce login

  • If you have access to multiple Shopify/BigCommerce stores from one Shopify/BigCommerce login and try to open eBay LINK/Omnivore its likely that you will receive this error. 
  • If you need to access eBay LINK for multiple Shopify/BigCommerce stores please contact support and we will create a separate login. Please provide proof e.g a screenshot of your Shopify/BigCommerce which shows the stores you have access to.

You have switched from BigCommerce to Shopify (or Vice Versa) and you have kept the same store name

  • If you have the same name in BigCommerce as in Shopify, for example if your Store is called "All that digi' in Shopify and in BigCommerce you will receive this error.
  • Please contact support as we will need to remove the old store