You will need to know/have:

  • Your eBay User ID
  • The email address of your PayPal Account
  • A logo image hosted on a https URL for your Product Listing Template 

These steps will show you how to connect eBay LINK to your eBay store and setting up the following:

Authorise eBay LINK to access eBay on your behalf

Complete your store settings

Your eBay Product Listing Template

eBay Link Shipping options

Date to start importing eBay Orders

eBay Business Policies

Set your Out of Stock Flag to Yes (in eBay)

Choose Products to List to eBay

Authorise eBay Link to access eBay on your behalf

In eBay Link go to Settings<<eBay Australia<<General

Connect to eBay

  • Please check that you are NOT signed into a personal eBay account otherwise you can authorise your store to an incorrect eBay User ID.
  • Click the Authorise Now button under the heading eBay Australia Connection then follow these steps to ensure you authorise eBay LINK to the correct eBay ID:

Grant Access

Login to eBay

Complete your Store Settings

Store Settings - Your Details (PayPal and ABN)

>Store Settings - Location of your Products

  • This should be the location of where your products are shipped from.

Store Settings - Payment and Returns Policies

  • You must provide 30+ day money back return policy for your product to qualify for eBay Premium Service (amongst other criteria e.g Shipping)
  • More info: eBay Returns
  • Your Payment policy is simply 'Immediate Payment Required' as you must use PayPal to use eBay LINK.

eBay Product Listing Template

In eBay Link go to Settings<<eBay Australia<<Product Listing Template

  • eBay LINK comes with a default listing template. You will need to add information to this information to the template:
    • About Us - what does the customer want to know about your business? Why should they buy from you?
    • Shipping - how do you ship your products? What options do you provide - standard? express? handling time? 
    • Returns - explain your policy on returning an item. What will you accept? What won't you accept? When do you have to return by?
    • Payment - you can simply add 'We accept PayPal' here
  • Most of this information should be available on your own eCommerce website so feel free to copy and paste and adjust for eBay best practice. Please do not add any contact details as this is against eBay policy. More information about best practice for filling out this template can be found at this link.

eBay Product Listing Template - Logo

  • You will need to add your Logo to the template. Your Logo URL must be HTTPS, if it is http only eBay will remove or stop the listing of your products, example
  • It must be provided in a URL that anyone can see publicly in a browser and we recommend that the dimensions are no wider than 900px by 400px long.
  • You can often get a Logo URL if you hover on the logo on your homepage and right click to copy the link
  • You can also upload your logo to a product that is not visible in your eCommerce store to create a Logo URL


In eBay Link go to Settings<<eBay Australia<<Shipping

  • You will need to create shipping policies for your items
  • You can also set up calculated shipping, weight based shipping and different policies for different groups of products. Information on setting up your eBay Link shipping options can be found here

Date to start importing Orders from eBay

In eBay Link go to Settings<<eBay Australia<<Configuration and input a date into the 'Do not import orders before this date' section under Your Orders and put in today's date or a later date if you have existing listings and would like more time to set up. This can be changed at any time.

eBay Business Policies

You will need to go into your eBay seller account (in eBay) and opt in to eBay Business policies following the instructions here

Set your Out of Stock Flag to Yes (in eBay)

Your 'Out Of Stock' preference must be set to 'Yes' in eBay for eBay Link to work correctly.

To set your Out of Stock flag to 'Yes' go to


If you go to the eBay Link Dashboard and their is a Product Sync in progress, just wait for it to complete. If you have 100 products, it will take around 20 minutes. If you have over a 1000 it may take an hour or two. It is progressing though. 

Choose Products to List to eBay

  • Once the Sync has finished, you can choose Categories for your products. Information on how to map your products to the eBay categories can be found here
  • See also the eBay Set Up Checklist for other things you may want to consider before you start selling on eBay

Start Selling