eBay item specifics such as size, features, type, colour and material help eBay buyers to filter search results. Item specifics also appear at the top of your eBay listing description giving buyers a clear overview of your item. 

Note: To set these up in WooCommerce name each WooCommerce attribute the same as the desired eBay item specific and save the values within the product as described in the following steps:

When you are logged into WooCommerce, the attributes settings are located under the Products tab.

Set up the Attribute Name

To add a new attribute. Fill in the "name" of the attribute, the slug (which is lowercase without punctuation or spaces). Once you have filled these out with the relevant values click "Add Attribute"

You need to add the name of the attribute not the individual options - these individual options are added in the next step (eg red, blue, yellow etc). Please note that eBay requires the Name values to be case specific eg Colour Blue not colour blue

Add Individual Attribute Options

You will now see the Attribute on the right of the Attribute page. Click on "Configure terms"

This is where you can add the individual options you want, one at a time. In this example we are adding the colour "blue". Fill in the Name and slug (lowercase without punctuation or spaces)

After adding your individual attribute options you will see a similar setup to this

Adding the Attribute and its Values to a Product

Click on the product you would like to add the Attribute to. 

  • Scroll to Product data and click Attributes
  • Choose the relevant attribute you have created from the drop down and click Add

Click on Select terms in the Value(s) box and Select the attribute option that is relevant for that product, then click Save Attributes. You can choose to have this visible on the product page in WooCommerce by ticking the checkbox Visible on the Product Page

Click Save Attributes

This process can be repeated and duplicated easily for other attributes such as Type, Occasion, Size, Material etc

This step can also been done when creating new products.