This feature enables you to keep the eBay Categories that your products are listed in on eBay.

Step 1:

  • In the left navigation menu on eBay LINK, go to 'Products - On eBay Australia' Click on the 'Link eBay Listings' tab. 
  • Click the button 'Import Listings from eBay'
  • Wait a few minutes and refresh the page - it can take a few minutes or an hour depending on the number of listings.

You should see this something like this once your listings have imported:

Step 2:

  • We match based on the title - of your products titles are the same/similar we should be able to match up the products from WooCommerce with the listings on eBay.
  • To use the category that the product is listed on eBay in, click 'Relist' - eBay LINK will end the listing on eBay and create a new listing with the category from the existing listing but the product data held in eBay LINK.
  • If we don't have a matched product in eBay LINK, you can start typing a product name to link it to.
  • Do this for ALL listings.

Step 3:

  • Go to the Dashboard and click 'Start Selling' to remove all listings from eBay and relist products from eBay LINK.