Remove contact info and links that take buyers off eBay

As previously announced, sellers are no longer allowed to include contact information, such as email, phone numbers, and social media links in item descriptions, titles, and other eBay pages. Links directing customers to sites other than eBay are only permitted from approved domains and for product videos (reviews, product demonstration, or installation), certain postage services, and legally-required information. For permitted links, please follow these guidelines to ensure they open correctly.

Since our previous announcement, we are adding exceptions to our policy. You can soon include links to terms and conditions (T&Cs) pages in the Gift Cards category. Links to domain names or websites for sale are also permitted in Computing, Domain Names categories. You are not permitted to include links to the warranty T&Cs within your listing. However, you may create an item specific about the existence of a warranty.

If you wish to provide your customer service phone number for post-transaction support, you can use a new eBay feature that makes your customer service phone number available when a buyer uses "Contact seller." You can opt in to the feature within "Manage communication with buyers" in your account settings.

No other off-eBay contact information or links are permitted.

If your listings are non-compliant, you will receive a warning via email to remove contact information or links. You will also receive notifications in Seller Hub and My eBay if you have listings that require your attention. 

Listings that are not corrected may be subject to the following actions:

  • Fees being charged, such as final value fees for the item or maintenance fees
  • Removal from search results or deletion of listings
  • Unsuccessful submission of new or revised listings containing contact details
  • Modification or removal of non-compliant content
  • Other account-level action