Starting in October 2017, Google will be taking stronger measures with pages that have not yet adopted the HTTPS security protocol. Browsers will display a ‘Not Secure’ message or indicator when users enter data on a HTTP page, and on HTTPS pages that contain non-secure HTTP content.

As announced in the last eBay Seller Release, due to Google’s protocols, eBay is applying the HTTPS communications protocol to transmit all information between your desktop browser or mobile device and the eBay site, and not just for sensitive information.

To coincide with Google's change, eBay listings with HTTP content will feature key snippets of the item description and a button reading "See full item description," putting the complete description just one click away, as shown below. This experience is similar to how buyers already view all listings on mobile, and the mobile experience will not change. Item descriptions that are HTTPS-compliant will continue to display the full description as normal.

From October 2017 to February 2018:

For sellers who don’t make the required changes, non-secure listings will show a disclaimer and be marked as ‘Not Secure’ by browsers.

From March 2018 onwards:

For non-secure listings, buyers will see a snippet of the item description and will also require buyers to click an additional button (one click away) to see the full item description.

For more detailed information, please see: