Most users should be able to login to eBay LINK from the Apps section of your eCommerce store - Shopify or Big Commerce.

  • Login to Shopify/BigCommerce
  • For BigCommerce, in the left hand navigation - go to Apps - My Apps
  • For Shopify in the left hand navigation - go to Apps 

You will be logged out of eBay LINK if you have not used it for 60 minutes or if we do a release/update the software.

If you are logged out of eBay LINK and want to login again, you will need to:

  • Logout of Shopify/BigCommerce 
  • Login to Shopify/BigCommerce again 
  • Open eBay LINK from the apps section, as per above

What if it doesn't work?

Your ebay LINK account is created when you first install the ebay LINK app and it is the email address of the store admin, as defined in your eCommerce store.

The automatic login to ebay LINK might not work in certain circumstances, for instance if the same email address is the admin for multiple stores, if you're logged in with a different user than the admin in your eCommerce store, etc.

If you are in this situation, it is possible to obtain a direct login to ebay LINK. Send us an email clearly stating what email address you'd like to use as login to ebay LINK and for what store and we will appropriately set your account.

Then you will be able to use these credentials to login at this url:

Forgot password doesn't work!

This feature will only work if you have a direct login to ebay LINK as explained above. 

It will not work if your account uses the automatic login from your Shopify or Bigcommerce store.