If you need to create or update a large number of bundles regularly, it's possible to do so via a bulk upload CSV file.  Bundles come in two kinds and therefore the data requirements are different for each:

  • Bulk-buy: this is a single SKU multi-quantity bundle and is often used to sell a bulk number of a low-value product, e.g. Pencil x 6.
  • Multi: this bundle contains multiple SKUs and has an empty bulk buy quantity field, e.g. Table + Chair.  If you wanted to sell a table with four chairs, the chair SKU would need to be included 4 times

To use this functionality, navigate to Bundles > All Bundles and click on the button "Create or Update via CSV".  The dialog box contains a link to the CSV file format.  Fill this in and submit it to create bundles in bulk.  The CSV defines the following template for bundles.  If some fields are left blank then the system will attempt to get the data from the underlying products in the bundle:

  • Title: the title of the bundled product that will be created.  Note that this field will be taken from the first product in the SKU list if missing.  It is a requirement (to allow us and the marketplaces to distinguish between the singular product and the bulk buy bundled product) that the quantity within the bundle is appended to the bundled product name, e.g Pencil x 6
  • Description: description of the bundle, or if missing the description of the first SKU
  • Weight: weight of the entire bundle. May be left blank and will be assigned the weight of the first SKU
  • Bundle price: price the bundle will be for sale at.  Note that an order containing the bundled product will be unbundled into line items containing the underlying products and the sale price will be pro-rated across line items based on their relative sale prices. If omitted, the price will be the sum of the underlying products' prices
  • BulkBuyQuantity: only fill in if SKUList is a single SKU, to define a bulk buy
  • SKUList: list of SKUs in the bundle
  • ImageURL: hero image for the bundle, or will be generated from underlying products
  • RRP: if not blank, the Recommended Retail Price of the bundle