** Please read the full article and note the timing importance of when to add Tracking and Carrier information.

There is no standard method/data field to add Tracking and Carrier information within WooCommerce, but Marketplaces such as eBay require this information.

As there is no standard method in WooCommerce, our solution relies on the Order Notes field. As a first step, you will need to ensure your shipping plugin adds a note such as the example below to the Order Notes field in WooCommerce when the order is marked as shipped:

If you have a tracking number, you need to provide both the Tracking number and the Shipping carrier, eBay requires both. 

Important:  The tracking info must be provided at the same time when you mark the order as fulfilled. Otherwise this info will not be retrieved by ebaylink and not updated on ebay.   Failure to add this information when you mark the order as fulfilled will result in an order that is not update, nor can it then be updated.

Order Note Example:

This order has been shipped with: Fastway. The Tracking Number is: QB000165979. The Url is: http://www.fastway.com.au/courier-services/track-your-parcel?l=QB000165979 

From this information, we can identify that the Carrier is Fastway with a valid Tracking Number and then provide it to the marketplace.  

Adding new shipping providers can be done as the need arises; if you are missing shipping carrier and tracking numbers on shipped orders, and you definitely have an order note similar to the one above, please raise a support.  The Marketplace has to add new Carrier Information as provided by you.