eBay LINK is a listing tool that uses all your existing product and inventory information in your eCommerce store (e.g Shopify or Bigcommerce) to automatically list and sell on ebay.com.au ONLY.

eBay LINK connects to your eCommerce store via APIs to extract all of your product information (e.g title, description, images, price, inventory) then sends this up to eBay to create listings.

When a sale is made on eBay the order is sent back to your eCommerce store so that you can fulfil the order using existing processes.

Some useful features include:

  • eBay LINK synchs orders back to your eCommerce store within minutes of the sale on eBay so your inventory is always up to date and you can fulfill your orders the same way you do now
  • We automatically synch your product information and inventory at a minimum of once per day or if you need to you can trigger a synch yourself
  • The Promotions feature enables you to offer promotions and discounts on eBay that are different to your eCommerce store for example, offer free shipping, discount the price by a dollar or percent amount
  • The category mapping feature recommends and maps your products to categories on eBay so they can be listed for sale