Occasionally, you may see the following warning(s) appear on your dashboard:

  • The connection to your eBay Storefront will expire in "X" day(s)
  • The connection to your eBay Business Policies will expire in "X" day(s)


eBay's security policy dictates that any API connections to a users store, must be renewed every 6 months.

For this reason, we ask users to renew the connection between our platform and their eBay account every 6 months by displaying a warning message on the dashboard.

To renew the connection with eBay, simply click the "Renew now" button(s) and follow the prompts to enter to eBay username/password.


Once complete, the warnings will disappear from your dashboard.

Note: Failure to renew the connection with your eBay store will prevent us from updating your eBay listings and retrieving any new orders.